Getting Well Paid Freelance Essay Writing Jobs Without Experience

Have you just started your writing journey as a freelancer? Initially the low rates may be shocking but don’t worry. Not all online writing jobs are low paid. In fact the rates range from as low as $20 per post to $200 too. All you need to do is find the high paid jobs out there.

The surprising but true fact is you can find high paid essay writing jobs even without experience. Here are some tips on how to snag those well paid essay writing jobs and editing jobs.

Get Rid Of Preconceptions

To look for profitable freelance writing jobs you have to change your mindset first. Get rid of your preconceived ideas about low paid jobs.

Search for the high paid jobs and don’t stop until such jobs are found. One way to make this a reality is to look for such writing jobs at the right spots. Look for clients who are ready to pay for your work and help you grow.

Look At Niche Sites

Instead of searching for jobs in generalized sites that have thousands of writers vying for a job, focus on niche sites that have fewer writers and jobs that are not achievable by everyone. Exclusive sites exist that have special job listings which are not easy to find.

You have to look closely on a website for professionals or a specific industry publication. Become a member of a writers’ network or attend local events that have high potential of referral business. Even if such sites are hard to find, if you take the effort the results will be well worth it.

Pitch Your Ideas to Bigger Websites

Create a good portfolio of your work either through your website or blog and get in touch with bigger websites and pitch your writing concepts.

Since online as well as print publications have certain criteria regarding the writing jobs, you should know about the style, length, formatting and other details that they require.

When you can provide an even better content than what they are used to, it will help give you the edge you need. Such jobs are lucrative but competitive, hence you have to be very good at your pitch.

Guest Post

One way to develop your career in freelance writing jobs is to write guest posts for blogs. This is very useful, if you aim to turn into blogging fulltime. Even if this is not your dream, guest posting helps gain visibility as an authority in your niche.

With links to your website, you can direct traffic to your site and attract clients consistently. Start guest posting by creating your own blog. Network with fellow bloggers, comment on the posts they make, interact on social media and exchange links.


In freelance writing jobs, any writer has some kind of experience like having written their high school essay or college essay. After getting your work approved by strict professors during your school and college days, you are sure to have the necessary experience in doing a detailed research or editing. Every freelance writer starts with very little experience, but with a single job you can easily gain more knowledge, confidence and move on to bigger jobs. Best of Luck!